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Sony Make.Believe


Sony brings best-in-class video and audio quality to make your visual communications as fluid, productive, and effective as an in-person meeting. Sony's HD video conferencing systems include the SONY PCS-XG80 and the SONY PCS-XG55. The SONY PCS-G70 is the top of the line SD video system.

Desktop videoconferencing

Mirial's ClearSea is a desktop video conferencing network appliance, available both as physical appliance or Virtual Appliance (VMware based), engineered to meet the enterprise, healthcare and educational markets needs in the desktop video conferencing space.

Network Infrastructure

Compunetix's EVERGREEN family has been architected to meet the diverse videoconferencing industry needs from enterprise users, Conferencing Service Providers (CSPs), and government agencies. EVERGREEN systems are carrier-class products built to the company’s strict military standards yet at an affordable price.

MediaPOINTMediaPOINTE Ensemble is an easy to use audio and video publishing and sharing system that facilitates video use across an organization. It offers support for multiple media formats and servers, flexible video content publishing, sharing and syndication technology.


TANDBERG Authorized Partner


Cisco/TANDBERG's C20 Never before has the absolute quality of 1080p HD video been so accessible. The Quick Set C20 represents the first time a video solution with this quality and ease of use is available at a price point suited for small teams and those just starting out with video.

Desktop Videoconferencing

Movi from Cisco/TANDBERG Mobility is the new way of working. For workers in home offices or well-traveled "road warriors," Movi offers a cost-effective, easy to use video solution that allows them to stay visually connected to colleagues, customers or suppliers.

Network Infrastructure

Cisco/TANDBERG network infrastructure products make it easier to connect with people outside of the company, enabling enterprises to seamlessly extend the benefits of video to suppliers, partners and customers.