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About Digital Connections Inc

A little about who we are and what we do

Digital Connections Inc. is an International Provider of Visual Communications Solutions for Business and Industry with Customers and Installations around the Globe. We offer Consulting, Engineering, Sales, Installation, Service and Support focused on Multimedia Business Conferencing Solutions. We sell and support products from the world leaders in technology development and manufacturing. We help you select the right business solution to meet your communication needs.

We can help you shorten process times and reduce the cost of business decisions through the use of visual communication technologies. Beginning with a needs assessment, we develop the project scope and plan with your budget in mind. Then we utilize the appropriate resources for project management, design, integration, installation, training and support and provide the expertise required to make your systems work for you.

In today's business environment, we can help you gain a competitive edge regardless of your company size or location. It all comes down to meeting your customer's needs, faster and more efficiently, while maintaining the quality they expect. That takes information sharing and superior communications, the goals we share with you.

As active members of regional, national and international associations, we can show you ways other businesses have benefited from various teleconferencing technologies. Working with your business and technical staff, we help develop cost effective solutions to meet your business needs.

Partnerships with regional, national and international integration experts provide Digital Connections Inc. access to a broad range of solutions-oriented technologies. Working with telecommunications partners and quality vendors, Digital Connections Inc. provides a total package solution from assessment and design to implementation and support.